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Keep Moving Medicine Forward moving forward with a doubled-donation! Thanks to a generous grant from an MMF supporter, any donation you make will be doubled up to $75,000.00. Now is the time to help create a new generation of nutritionally-aware doctors with your tax-deductible gift.

Let's Keep Moving Medicine Forward Together!

All who seek to heal must start with the reality that our daily food choices can either foster good health or spawn dangerous diseases.
Yet, most Western-trained physicians practice medicine as if what our patients are eating has no effect on the diseases they seek to cure.

Why is the power of applied nutrition not being taught in medical schools to our young physicians? You can help us remedy this archaic omission in medical education.

Dr Michael Klaper is excited to announce that the Moving Medicine Forward initiative is bringing the revolutionary ideas of disease reversal through plant-based nutrition & lifestyle medicine to medical schools across the country.

Moving Medicine Forward will change the way future doctors treat their patients, which will improve the health of future generations to come.

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